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Stephanie K.

Toronto, Canada

“When my maternity leave ended I didn’t know what I was going to do for work. I tried John’s ‘New Job Now – Training Program’ and within 2 weeks I had 3 excellent job opportunities to choose from.”

Tori W.

Memphis, USA

"John’s ‘Ideal Work Day’ exercise helped me envision a job that I never thought would be necessarily possible for me to gain at this point. I kept, every day, looking at my list and even at night, like, before bed, thinking about it. And what amazes me is that I actually had this amazing job opportunity fall into my lap, and I honestly, I didn’t believe it, at first. I cried. The hours are so much better, the pay is better. These are all things that I had on my list. You can bet, I texted John, saying, “I’m amazed. I’m so happy.” I cried. And, I’m so incredibly grateful, because I couldn’t have done this on my own."

Tessa M.

Brussels, Belgium

"I used John’s technique to try to manifest what I actually really needed and wanted, and that was a back massage. And, so I just kept on, you know, focusing on this, this image of what I really needed and funnily enough, the day that John sent me a message saying, “And?” I had already been contacted by a friend who does massage saying, “can you choose a time, 11:30am or 2:30pm to come for a Free massage,” at her place, which I went to today. 

So, it was very… I just laughed. I just saw the message and laughed. I felt like, “come on… no… it’s not possible.”

But, yeah, of course it’s possible. I was fixed on it."

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